Zen Master Ji Bong, our Guiding Teacher

Zen means finding your true nature for yourself.

It is very simple. Just breathe in and out, and let your mind go.

Practicing Zen offers us a way to be present for our own lives. It expands our capacity for gratitude and compassion while deepening our wisdom.

However, words cannot describe Zen. It is pure experience. To understand Zen, you must do it for yourself.

The Golden Wind Zen Center is a non-profit, urban Buddhist center. We are located at 3308 Lime Avenue in the Signal Hill neighborhood of Long Beach, California. We are here to support laypeople practicing Zen meditation as a form of “together action.” Our sangha (community) is guided by the teachings of the late Korean Zen master Seung Sahn, and the American Zen master Ji Bong. We offer a range of opportunities for Zen practice, Dharma study, and personal growth in a warm and supportive environment.