DSSN on Right View

Regarding Right View, one of the eight steps along the Noble Eightfold Path, Great Zen Master Ji Bong says:

“We create a personal prison that exists in our own mind through our own conceptual thinking. We strap ourselves into a box created by making, wanting, checking and holding. In the process, most of us pass by the joys of life without even realizing that we have missed anything.

“Our first task in (Zen) practice is to attain at least a glimmer that there is something difficult or painful about human existence.

The essential problem is that we simply don’t pay attention to what we already know. Rather, we constantly give our attention and commitment to what we “think” and ignore or discard what we can actually perceive, that is, what we can see right in front of us.

Ultimately, all that will truly satisfy us is to see what is really going on with ourselves, others and the world.

Right View begins in realizing the nature and goal of this search for Reality.

The usual view of the world consists in holding a set of beliefs, a way to “freeze” the world in our minds. Right view is, conversely, fluid and flexible. It is an awareness of how this moment has come to be.

Right View omits nothing nor does it emphasize anything in particular. Instead it points to a direct experience of each moment. The only way for us to be free in each moment is to become what that moment is!

Reality does not need to be explained! Reality and Truth are self-evident. We cannot conceive of Reality but we can perceive it.

 As we walk this path, we should be guided by the question: “Why do I do something? Is it for me or is it for all beings? This makes our direction clear and gives us the proper path to findRight View.” – Ji Bong DSSN